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June 2, 2009

Take the Damn Job

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I’ve had a couple of interesting conversations lately with people who are trying to break into the business and are worried about doing so while maintaining their integrity. They’re worried that if they give in and compromise their vision, if they change the stories they want to tell to give the powers that be what they want, that they’ll somehow lose themselves. Should they take a job on a bad, schlocky show, in order to get ahead and get something made?

To answer these questions I’d like to paraphrase the inestimable John August:

Shut up, and take the damn job!

You don’t lose your integrity by working on a bad show. Plenty of people have done it (see the James Cameron example in John August’s post). You lose your integrity when you’re working on a bad show and you deliberately dog it. If you show up thinking that the show’s beneath you and don’t give it your all, that’s when you become a hack unworthy of the job you’ve been given.

But working on a bad show? Giving it everything you have and making it the best thing you possibly can?

That makes you a professional. A professional with enough integrity to go around.

John August: “Do it. Make it as good as possible…then use it as a foothold to reach higher.”

In other words, take the damn job and make it sing.


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