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July 4, 2009


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Sometimes I stumble across a film that I just don’t know how to feel about. Tonight I found a trailer for a movie that seems likely to fall into that category. The movie’s called Deadgirl, and frankly I found the trailer incredibly skeevy.

Big grain of salt, I’ve only seen the trailer, not the entire film, so everything that follows is a knee-jerk reaction to the trailer only. I will most likely try to see the film when I have the opportunity, just to see how it actually deals with the premise.

Anyways, onto my thoughts.

It’s definitely a new twist on the zombie genre, and it undoubtedly riffs on a lot of sexual themes common to horror flicks. So kudos for that.

But am I alone when I say that my skin crawls even thinking about the premise?

It’s not the necrophilia that bothers me, I thought Kissed was a pretty interesting movie, but I can’t stand the sexual violence inherent in the premise. Let’s face it, this is inherently a movie about some teenage boys who wind up keeping a zombie as a sex slave. And that’s just from the trailer. If you read the plot synopsis from imdb it gets even worse!

That makes me uncomfortable, and not in a way that great drama sometimes makes you feel uncomfortable, but in the “ick” kind of way.

I think everyone, be they a member of the audience or a content creator, has personal narrative lines that they won’t cross. Seeing sexual violence directed at women (and kids) is one of my lines. It’s the reason that I don’t watch Law & Order: SVU, and it’s the reason that watching the trailer for Deadgirl made me feel queasy.


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