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July 31, 2009

Friday Link Roundup: July 31, 2009

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1. The LA Times on the rise of USA as a basic cable channel.

USA has become a top-rated cable network with quirky, genre-bending shows such as “Psych,” about a Santa Barbara cop pretending to be a psychic, and “Monk,” about an obsessive-compulsive detective. This month is has been the most-watched cable network, averaging a record 3.2 million viewers in prime time, according to Nielsen Media Research, and has beaten its own in-house viewing records for 11 straight months. And today, the network is announcing renewals for two other successful series, the first-season medical drama “Royal Pains” as well as the network’s breakout hit, “Burn Notice,” which was cable’s No. 1-rated show last week.

USA is on a roll, with a clear brand and a loyal following. They also have one of the highest “success rates” when it comes to developing new shows. Definitely worth the read.

2. Starz orders two new series Failure to Fly, and Waterloo.

A comedy about a support group for people who’ve failed to kill themselves? Rob Thomas rocking out on a show about amateur musicians? This is going to be awesome!

EDIT: Thanks to Sally for pointing out my initial mistake in attributing Failure to Fly to Rob Thomas. Need to read things more closely obviously!

3. Will Dixon has a nice take on the purported Rockford Files Reboot.

I tend to agree with Dix. Enough with the reboots already!

4. John August has a nice post about how setting is not story.

I’ve worked for some producers who could have learned this lesson.

5. Mystery Man on Film has an encouraging bit on how Even Shakespeare Failed.

Glad to hear it. Now I don’t feel quite so bad.



  1. Waterloo is actually the Rob Thomas show, not Failure to Fly. I’d love to see what Rob would do with that concept, but the whole teenagers starting a rock band thing might be good with the Thomas stamp on it…

    Comment by Sally — July 31, 2009 @ 10:38 am

    • Ack! You are, of course, correct. “Waterloo” sounds equally interesting. Rob Thomas and a series about a struggling rock band? Sign me up!

      Comment by petertypingfaster — July 31, 2009 @ 10:44 am

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