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August 1, 2009

Joss Whedon on Dollhouse

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Alan Sepinwall had a chance to ask Joss Whedon some questions about Dollhouse season two.

Some interesting excerpts:

On the show’s early season struggles:

…it was an idea, and it was an idea that we had a lot of trouble defining, and America got to watch that. And now we feel like it is defined.”

On the changes to Echo’s character in season two:

In the early episodes, Eliza Dushku’s Echo — a woman who had her personality temporarily removed so she could be imprinted with other personas and abilities to service a variety of wealthy clients — was a passive blank going on generic missions. In the new season, Whedon said, Echo will realize that, “As a person, she exists, and she has a mission. She has something she wants. This year, we’re going to see the results of everything she went through… We’re going to find her to be a great deal less passive and more directed in what she wants. And that’s going to make her life a good deal harder.”

On the relationship with Fox:

After the press conference, Whedon talked about how he and Fox both felt the show would be more accessible if they focused on standalone episodes built around Echo’s missions. But both he and the network realized after a while that those simply weren’t working, and that the audience was more invested in the ongoing stories of the characters in the Dollhouse.

“(Fox) saw that when we liked it (ongoing storylines), everybody liked it, so they liked it. So they stopped going, ‘Let’s try this, let’s try that.’ They said, ‘You do your thing, it’s not for everyone, but the people who love it, love it hard.'”

On incorporating the events of “Epitaph One” into the second season in a way that those who haven’t seen it still understand it:

“I’m used to that [challenge],” Whedon joked, alluding to “Serenity,” the movie he made based on his low-rated Fox series “Firefly.” “I did a whole movie that had that problem and only that problem.”

Whedon insisted that the new season will be made for both audiences. It will begin in that future setting, “But if you haven’t seen that, it will explain itself.”

There’s plenty more Dollhouse goodness in the interview itself, so click on through and take a read.


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