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August 3, 2009

Emmy Idiocy

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So the Emmy’s decided to cut 8 of the 28 award categories from this year’s live broadcast. The awards being cut will most likely include:

  • Best Movie
  • Best Miniseries
  • Best Supporting Actor – Movie / Miniseries
  • Best Supporting Actress – Movie / Miniseries
  • Best Directing – Movie / Miniseries
  • Best Directing – Variety / Music / Comedy Series
  • Best Writing – Movie / Miniseries
  • Best Writing – Dramatic Series

Unsurprisingly some writers are pissed about the last two.

All of this is an attempt to garner more ratings. Last year’s Emmy broadcast were the lowest rated ever, “…the main turnoff for people [being] that they weren’t familiar with the winning programs.”

Don Mischer, the executive producer of the Emmy’s, went on to say that the changes were an attempt “…to make the Emmy’s more relevant to mainstream viewers while honoring the choice of the Academy properly and appropriately.”

Of course by excluding the long form award categories the Emmy’s are essentially ignoring the cable companies, which tend to dominate those categories, in favor of their conventional broadcast brethren. In other words the Emmy’s have decided to favor shows that have a mass audience, whether they’re good or not, at the expense of shows that have a smaller audience, due to the fact they air on a cable network.

But here’s the thing, the Emmy’s aren’t supposed to be about what’s popular, but about what’s good. We have the People’s Choice Awards for what’s popular.

The Emmy’s are supposed to recognize excellence in television, not who has a larger audience share.

Of course as anyone who’s passingly familiar with awards shows knows that at the end of the day it’s all about popularity. This is why so many worthy shows like The Wire or Battlestar Galactica go without nominations year after year, while their unworthy cousins fill their trophy cases.

It’s just depressing to see the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences openly admit it.

More on the Academy’s decision here.

EDIT: And for more on the Emmy Idiocy check here.


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