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October 8, 2009

Southland gets the axe

Filed under: Kvetch, NBC, Southland — petertypingfaster @ 5:09 pm

NBC canceled Southland before its second season even premieres.

We can chalk this up to their ongoing 10pm Jay Leno experiment. Personally I’m pretty disappointed. Southland had its problems, but there was a lot of promise there as well.

Any way you slice it, it was a hell of a lot better than the other crap they’re inflicting on us this year.

NBC has become the degenerate chimpanzee of the American broadcasting world, throwing whatever sh*t’s close to hand, praying the public will be stupid enough for something to stick.

Yes. NBC is trying to make sh*t stick to your eyeballs. They are trying to give you pink eye.

But at least they’re not responsible for this.

Things could always be worse.



  1. Oh please oh please oh please let the Leno experiment fail. Or let someone at NBC discover their higher purpose in life.

    Comment by MaryP — October 9, 2009 @ 10:03 am

  2. Amen. NBC really needs to clean house and get some new development / programming people in there.

    Guess Ben Silverman quitting was a start…

    Comment by petertypingfaster — October 9, 2009 @ 4:15 pm

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