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October 9, 2009

Why Dollhouse should be saved (or should it?)

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Maureen Ryan has a great series of posts on why she thinks Dollhouse deserves to live.

Personally I think that while Dollhouse is one of the more ambitious shows on television at the moment, it’s reach often exceeds its grasp. There are a lot of things that have never worked for me (Eliza Dushku, all the client-of-the-week scenarios, the incompetence of the Dollhouse organization, etc), and unfortunately most of the stuff that doesn’t work tends to form the bulk of each episode.

That being said, there are bits that work quite well. Amy Acker as Whiskey is brilliant, especially in the second season. The technological implications raised in Epitaph One, by far the strongest episode of the show, are also fascinating.

Here’s hoping they get back to those elements sooner rather than later.

I don’t think that Dollhouse will ever evolve into a truly great tv show, the conceptual foundations are just too shaky. But given the current dearth of quality sci fi on television it’d be a shame to see it go.

Unfortunately when reruns of House are projected to be just as, if not more, profitable than original Dollhouse episodes I can’t see how Fox can justify keeping the show on the air.


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