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October 12, 2009

Dollhouse DVR Boost

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The twitterverse is abuzz with the news that when you factor in DVRs, Dollhouse saw a 50% increase in viewers.

That’s great, right? Well, not really.

The biggest problem lies in the fact that Dollhouse has an incredibly small baseline. Seeing a 50% boost to 1M viewers is no where near seeing a 50% boost to 10M viewers. Even if Dollhouse keeps seeing similar DVR numbers, we’re still talking about a show with a 1.5 ratings share total.

If we look at raw, as opposed to percentage, gains, then Dollhouse is barely even a blip on the radar compared to shows like Grey’s Anatomy and House which saw huge gains.

Don’t get me wrong, this is good news for Dollhouse fans. It’s just not as good as a lot of fans think it is.


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  1. It’s about time they got around to checking in on people’s PVR’ing habits – especially in Canada. I don’t even need one hand to count the number of shows that I tune in to watch when they’re on the air proper.

    And I’m starting to think that I’m not the only one.

    Dollhouse… I’m so torn about. I can see a good show in there… it’s just not floating to the surface. It bobs up from time to time, but is dragged back down by the soup. :S

    Comment by Brandon — October 12, 2009 @ 3:26 pm

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