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October 23, 2009

Friday Link Roundup: October 23, 2009

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HooWee. To all those of you stopping by from the House McGrath Built, stick around, make yourselves at home. I promise I’ll do my best to be both entertaining and informative.

Just not today.

Today I’ve got a bunch of real work to get done, so it’s just going to be a bunch of linkslutting I’m afraid.

1. Scott Myers at Go Into Story takes a look at a great scene from the movie Heat.

Heat‘s one of my favorite movies. Pacino and DeNiro squaring off? Fuggadaboutit! But the really interesting thing that Scott highlights is the dialogue added by Michael Mann. It’s a great scene, and worth checking out.

2. From The Hollywood Reporter a story about four friends who pooled $6K to shoot a 15 minute presentation for a web series that’s now being developed as a tv series by ABC.

It’s doable folks. All you need is a great idea, some talent, and a hell of a lot of luck. And these guys had some luck. Piquing the interest of Thomas Schlamme? Having the mother of a CAA agent tell her daughter about you? Sure the stars definitely aligned for these guys, but the only reason they did is because they went and put something out there.

3. Here’s some great news about one of my favorite shows. Party Down will be bringing back both Kristen Bell and Jane Lynch!

All I can say to that is YAY!

4. On the business side of things, it’s looking like Hulu might start charging for content.

This has been coming for a while, but it’s going to be interesting to see how it plays out. My bet is it’ll have to wait until the NBCU sale gets sorted out, and that’s still a long ways from a sure thing.

5. Lastly I give you some reasons why FlashForward stinks.

I really wanted to love this show, but watching it lately is about as fun as a trip to the dentist. Here’s a quick taste:

Fantasy plots require fantastic details, but the show, rolling steadily downhill from a compelling premise, is utterly casual about the particulars of its speculative time-tripping and post-catastrophe atmospherics. Where it should be riddling, it is merely opaque. Where it should be eerie, it is contentedly bland. In the gentle acoustic-guitar moments, I hear the sounds of artistic compromise. Instead of slipping tantalizing clues into the dialogue, FlashForward gives us in-jokes about the stars’ resumes.

The only way I can get through episodes of this show anymore are if I watch the first five minutes, and then the last five minutes. But the middle? No freaking way.


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