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November 13, 2009

Friday Link Roundup: November 13, 2009

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These links brought to you courtesy of insomnia.

1. James Poniewozik says that Fox deserves kudos for keeping Dollhouse on the air as long as they did.

I think he’s bang on the money. Dollhouse had some serious problems from the get go, never managed to become a modest hit despite heavy promotion, and yet Fox kept it around for two seasons. The show had its chance.

2.People fled V‘s second episode. Viewership was down 29%.

I’m not all that surprised, but if the trend continues it sure doesn’t bode well for when the show tries to come back after it’s initial four episodes.

3. In a head scratcher of a move Jeff Zucker was tapped to head the new Comcast / NBC venture.

Jeff Zucker’s basically the guy who’s single-handedly destroyed NBC. I don’t understand how this guy can keep failing upwards.

4. In remake news, ABC is planning on redoing Charlie’s Angels.

At least they’ve tapped Josh Friedman to do the honors. If anyone can pull it off he can.

5. Finally the A.V. Club lists The 30 Best TV Shows of the ’00s.

Pretty good list, though I’d quibble with some of the rankings / inclusions (Curb, East Bound & Down).


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