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December 9, 2009


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Stumbled across a great interview with Zach Gilford today. It’s mostly about how Gilford approached the role of Matt Saracen, his acting process, but there’s one bit in particular that I wanted to highlight.

LA Times: Matt’s also been given some of the more melodramatic storylines. His grandmother has dementia, he fell in love with her caretaker and last season, Kim Dickens joined the cast to play Matt’s estranged mother. Played the wrong way, some of these plots could have been overly emotional.

Zach Gilford: Kim hit the tone of it perfect. She didn’t play is as, “Oh, my long lost son!” She played it real. Everyone was kind of worried. When I first heard about that storyline I was a little skeptical. I was worried it would get written very cheesy, very TV, which we don’t usually do. We have this expression on the show, where we say, “We’ll ‘FNL’ it.” We take stories that have the potential to be very cheesy and melodramatic and we play them not that way. That’s a testament to way the stories are written, to the filmmakers, to the actors. It’s just the way we’ve been doing the show.

Don’t worry, we’ll FNL it. Great line that. Definitely something to take to heart.


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