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January 11, 2010

Day One: Summer Burn Off Theatre

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Anyone remember Day One? It was going to be NBC’s answer to V and Flash Forward this season. It had an awesome looking trailer.

Anyways, looks like this show is going to become our next piece of Burn Off Theatre.

Call it the Incredible Shrinking Show.

Remember NBC’s proposed sci-fi series Day One? First it was a show. Then it was a one-season show. Then it was a miniseries.

Now, it’s just a TV movie, said Angela Bromstad, president of prime-time entertainment at NBC and Universal Media Studios.

“Day One is going to air as a two-hour movie,” Bromstad said in a group interview on Sunday as part of the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena, Calif. “We looked at after V launched and after FlashForward launched with a strong initial thing. We didn’t want to come on after that. As we sat down with [executive producer] Jesse [Alexander] and talked about more of the mythology, there’s just concern about sustaining that.”

Bromstad added that the Day One movie will consist of the pilot that was originally shot. They just didn’t shoot any additional footage. “We’ve only shot the two-hour pilot,” Bromstad said. “It will be a pilot where you could see where it could go in series, but there will be a resolve at the end of the two hours.”

There is still hope for continuing the story if the standalone movie version is a hit. “Absolutely,” she said. “If it performs, absolutely.” She has not scheduled Day One yet.

Sounds exactly like what Fox did to Virtuality (which was a real shame, because that was a super cool show). Hard to know if you’re going to have trouble sustaining a show’s mythology unless you actually give it a whirl. I wonder if they even bothered to order some more scripts (or even a bible) to see if it could be done.

Or maybe the pilot just blew chunks. Who knows?

Ah well…one more sci fi show cast out on the genre graveyard.


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