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January 14, 2010

More of HBO’s The Pacific

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Couple new trailers of HBO’s The Pacific released today, and they look fantastic.


I think that mini-series are a much better format for certain genres of shows, and the war movie is definitely one of them. I’m not a huge fan of the genre, and for a very simple reason. To do a war movie well, just like any other action film, is to walk that fine line between showing killer action sequences and developing your characters. Go too far down the action spectrum and your movie runs the risk of being perceived as soulless. Too far down the character spectrum and it’s boring. It’s an incredibly fine line to walk.

The nice thing about a mini-series is that all of a sudden you have the time to balance both sides of the story. I look back at Band of Brothers, and the two episodes that always jump to mind couldn’t be more different.

The first episode I’d mention, and probably my second favorite, is Bastogne (episode 6). It has some of the most intense action sequences in the entire mini-series (the shelling of Easy Company’s position during the Battle of the Bulge is riveting). It’s a great example of the action side of things.

The other episode, and my personal favorite, would have to be Points. It’s the last episode of the mini-series, and serves as a beautiful coda for all these characters we’ve come to know over the previous ten episodes. It’s a perfect example of the character side of things.

Balancing these two story telling styles is an incredibly hard task to accomplish in a two (or three) hour feature. Give talented people ten hours to work with though, and you’ll be singing a different tune.

Just look at those trailers. The Pacific is going to great.


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