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February 18, 2010

More Evidence That Heroes Is Dead

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We all know that NBC is seriously hurting for scripted content, so it makes sense that they’d be looking at other properties in the NBC / Universal conglomerate to plug the holes.

Enter Nine Lives.

Steven Spielberg’s “Nine Lives” may find a second life at NBC.

Four years ago, Syfy (then Sci Fi Channel) announced a greenlight for “Nine Lives” as a 12-hour miniseries to air in 2007.

The project, written by Les Bohem, revolves around a group of people who find a way to reunite with their loved ones in the afterlife through near-death experiences, but those journeys unleash an evil force.

Executive produced by Bohem, Spielberg and DreamWorks TV’s Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank, “Nine Lives” ultimately didn’t go at Syfy, but it has sparked interest at sibling NBC.

Bohem is reworking the script for a broader broadcast audience. NBC won’t make any decision until reading the latest draft, but it’s eyeing “Nine Lives” as a direct-to-series vehicle.

It could fit into NBC scripted head Angela Bromstad’s strategy to do more event-type drama projects. Additionally, NBC has recent experience in the sci-fi genre with the veteran “Heroes.”

There still hasn’t been official word on the fate of Heroes, but I find it highly unlikely that NBC would air two big, expensive (and struggling) genre shows. My bet is that if the reworked Nine Lives script is halfway good then it’ll mean the end of Heroes.

Bad news for any fans of the show, but somehow I doubt there are that many of those left floating around.


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  1. There are fans of Heroes? 😉

    Comment by Brandon — February 18, 2010 @ 2:07 pm

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