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March 13, 2010

What’s Coming Up On V: Interview With V Showrunner Scott Rosenbaum

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So V was supposed to be one of ABC’s flagship new shows this year. While it premiered with decent numbers, ABC only produced 4 episodes before putting it onto hiatus.

Then two of the execs (Scott Peters and Jeffrey Bell) were let go in November. Never a good sign.

You can read more of my thoughts on V here. Needless to say I’m still on the fence, though I’ve got a lot more reason for optimism now.

ABC’s sci-fi series ”V” returns at the end of the month with new episodes, a new time slot and a new showrunner in former “Chuck” and “The Shield” writer Scott Rosenbaum. He assumes creative oversight on the Warner Bros. Television-produced series.

Chuck and The Shield? Awesome times two!

Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

How are these next eight episodes of “V” different from the four that aired in the fall?

Every single episode of the show now, starting with Episode 4, there will be three or four huge, oh-my-God, wow … I-didn’t-see-that-coming [moments]. … I’m one of those TV viewers where I want to get information. I want to learn more about the Vs. I want to learn about why the Vs are here. I don’t want to wait 25 episodes to find that stuff out. …

You’ll learn more about the Vs anatomically in my first episode back than you did in the first four episodes and get an understanding of how they work, why they’re different. Everything is like that. The plan, why they’re here. We’re really going to dive into that kind of stuff. … That first episode coming back, just in Acts 5 and 6, there’s four huge reveals, just in two acts of that show alone.

On the first four episodes of the series:

After watching the first four [episodes], I didn’t feel like there was any real sense of conflict between our humans — and when I say humans, I also mean Ryan. It felt like they were completely united in a fight against the Vs. One of the things I wanted to do was, by getting into their personal lives a little more and understanding their own personal agendas, [look at] how that can complicate working as a team.

What should we make of the fact that adversaries Erica and Anna are both mothers?

I never was quite sure from the first four episodes what [the show] was really about, outside of just “Visitors have come.” What I told [the studio] about how I see it is that, at its spine, it’s really about two mothers and how far that they’re willing to go to protect their children. To me, Anna is the mother of all Vs. … One of the things that I wanted to make clear in my version of the show was that Anna is not evil at all: Anna is simply an animal. She’s a mother and she just wants to protect her children, her species, and she doesn’t have anything against humanity. She’s not evil. … We’re just something that stands in the way of her children’s future. In [that] way, Erica’s the same. … Even though it’s just Tyler, her son, I feel, metaphorically, she’s the mother of all children.

It’s not just about mothers, though. It’s about parents protecting their children. It’s Ryan trying to protect Val and his unborn baby. It’s Father Jack trying to protect his flock. For me, it’s very much about what we would do, as fathers, sons and daughters, to protect the people we love and how far that pushes us.

On what’s coming up in the next 8 episodes:

The [resistance] will be getting a new team member. Anna isn’t playing by the rules, [and] Erica is going to cross a pretty big moral line in order to recruit the member onto the team, who will prove to be an important, valuable member.

One of the things that’s going to be really fun is Val’s pregnancy. … Without saying what exactly is inside her, there’s an accelerated gestation period. … We’re going to see signs and hints of what this baby really is, and then, ultimately, the baby will be born. I think the pregnancy story is a really fun story and weird and twisted but also very grounded and emotional. … And there will be multiple pregnancies. … Val will not be the only one who’s pregnant.

You’re going to see Anna’s true colors, her true faith so to speak, sort of as a nod to the original series. You’ll see rodent desire. We definitely do a nod to that, and then I think we top it. We trump it by one, all in the same episode.

You’ll find out a lot of interesting things about the Vs. We’re going to introduce what a V soldier is. … All the Vs that you’ve seen are essentially worker Vs. So, we’re going to introduce what a V soldier is and the threat of them. We will meet John May [Michael Trucco]. I’m hoping that you will be shocked and surprised about the relationship between John May and Ryan and the Fifth Column. We came up with a pretty interesting spin on that.

Don’t know about you, but I’m kind of excited to see what happens next!


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