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February 11, 2011

Web Series Week: Interview With Pretty In Geek Director Vivian Lin

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So, last but not least, here’s an interview with the director for Pretty in Geek, Vivian Lin!

Typing Faster: Tell us a little about yourself (bio, schooling, past projects, yadda yadda, you know the drill)

Vivian Lin: I am the director of PRETTY IN GEEK. I apparently take a long time to respond to interviews. I spend my non-Geek days as an Associate Producer at Sarrazin Couture Entertainment (STAY WITH ME). I previously directed a few shorts, one called FOUR WALLS, a short film starring Nina Dobrev (VAMPIRE DIARIES) and Brendan Jeffers (CLIVE HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM).

TF: Why new media?

VL: To be honest, my relationship with old media had been stilted for some time. We had been together for awhile and I think we needed some time away from each other. I never really went out of my way to get involved with new media, but new media was just so eager that it just happened.

TF: What attracted you to webseries?

VL: It’s about geeky gamer girls. Who doesn’t want to be in on that?

TF: How did you get hired?

VL: I was very peripherally involved in Geek (as in Pretty in Geek) in its early stages. Elize (the creator-showrunner) had been gathering a writing room for it and I asked to tag along. Being in from the ground floor allowed me to listen to the many conversations about what the show was about. I think this was one of the reasons why I ended up getting hired as a director, because Elize and the producers felt comfortable that I “got” the show. Or maybe I was hired because I was the first one to raise my hand when Elize asked “who wants to direct this?”

TF: Tell us a bit about your approach to directing PiG. Are there differences between this and short films / films / whatever? If so what are they?

VL: I think every web series has to have a different approach depending on the target market. The lovely thing about webseries is that it can be, and often is most successful when it is niche. We decided early on that Geek had to please its core gamer audience, with that in mind we cast actors who were gamers, we made sure that the gaming was accurate, and kept in the in-jokes. Of course, you don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy the series. We cast good-looking actors. Check ‘em out.

TF: Any lessons / suggestions for an aspiring web director.

VL: 1) Poach my crew. Sarah Mulholland, DOP. Lee-ann Cass, Editor. Courtney Wolfson, Producer. Amanda Vanhell, PM. Elize Morgan, Showrunner. Angela Morgan and Natalia Lopez-Woodside, Wardrobe. Jordana Savard and Meghan Pilato, Makeup. They are the most professional, enthusiastic, artistic, supportive crew that you will find.

2) Poach my cast. Meaghan Waterman, Todd Cleland, Jennifer Krukowski, Stefne Mercedes, Elize Morgan. They’re pleasant, they smell nice, they’re committed and they’re funny as hell.

3) Be appreciative. Because at the end of production you’ll realize you’ve become an over-caffeinated tyrant who has beaten the cast and crew to submit to your vision…uh, thank guys. =)


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